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Comodo Internet Security Pro 10 Review: It works well, though review each implement shade closely

When we formerly looked at Comodo’s Internet Security Pro, a association had a robe of bundling module with a confidence suite—and that trend hasn’t altered with Internet Security Pro 10. Underneath a con of warding off additional installs, however, is a confidence apartment that does a good pursuit of detecting threats.

Note: This examination is partial of our best antivirus of 2017 roundup. Go there for sum about competing products and how we tested them.

comodoyahoo Ian Paul/IDG

Comodo wants to change your default homepage and hunt engine.

When we implement Internet Security Pro 10, we have to review each shade unequivocally carefully. If we don’t, a module will try to set your browser’s homepage and hunt engine to Yahoo, change your DNS provider to Comodo, set Comodo Dragon as your default browser, and import all a information from your stream default browser.

Certainly, some users competence like all that. Comodo Secure DNS is a renouned choice among confidence enthusiasts who don’t wish to use their ISP’s default service. Other confidence suites also track your DNS by their services. As for a browser, Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based browser that some users competence enjoy, and we theory there’s zero wrong with Yahoo if we omit that whole appalling confidence issue.

But here’s a thing: Most people will usually click by a implement screens yet reading them, and module companies count on that. It’s just…unseemly.  Plus, a try to switch your hunt engine and homepage creates all a other additional module demeanour hostile. This proceed is usually not a good idea, even when acknowledging that companies are perplexing to make a buck. There has to be a improved way.

As for a app itself, Comodo Internet Security Pro has some good features. Comodo’s interface comes in 3 parts: a categorical focus window, a widget that sits in a tip right dilemma of your desktop, and a complement tray icon.

That’s a lot, yet we can tighten a categorical window and get absolved of a widget utterly easily, withdrawal usually a complement tray icon. The widget, though, competence be appreciated by some users as it has easy entrance to Comodo’s primary features.

comodowidget Ian Paul/IDG

Comodo Internet Security Pro’s desktop widget in Windows.

At a unequivocally tip there’s a standing idol revelation we a state of your PC. (Before regulating your initial scan, it’s yellow.) Below that is a opposite informing we of your stream bandwidth use for both adult and down streams.

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