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CES 2018: Samsung goes all in with IoT around SmartThings, including Gear smartwatches

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CES 2018

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The Big Trends for Business

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Yesterday, Samsung hold a CES press conference, and IoT was a vital concentration of all aspects of a event. Samsung several products will be centralized around SmartThings and a SmartThings app will shortly be launched on a Gear smartwatches.

Samsung now has Samsung Connect, Smart Home, Smart View, and some-more IoT services that will be brought into a SmartThings app to bond and control any SmartThings-enabled device directly. As Cho Mu-Hyun wrote yesterday, this includes determining these inclination through your automobile.

The Samsung Gear Sport and Gear S3 smartwatches will be supposing with a SmartThings app to let we control mixed inclination right from your wrist. we bought a SmartThings heart behind when it was a Kickstarter project, before a Samsung squeeze of SmartThings, and demeanour brazen to expanding this network of devices.

Samsung also discussed a serve enlargement of Bixby, to embody formation on new TVs and refrigerators. There was no discuss of replacing a terrible S Voice app on Gear smartwatches with Bixby, that is a healthy course of a service. We reached out to Samsung per this emanate and will refurbish a post with any comments we receive.






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