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CES 2018: Garmin Speak Plus announced with lurch cam and Amazon Alexa integration

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Garmin GPS inclination have been used in cars for a prolonged time and a new Garmin Speak Plus takes a in-car knowledge to a subsequent level. Amazon Alexa formation provides voice control for music, news briefings, sports scores, GPS navigation, and more. The lurch cam adds facilities to any automobile that might be found in high finish newer indication vehicles.


Image: Garmin

CES 2018

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The integrated lurch cam provides brazen collision deterrence assistance, line depart warnings, and go alerts if stopped trade brazen starts to pierce forward. It will automatically record and save files when an occurrence is detected.

The Garmin Speak Plus is usually an in. and half in diameter, with a LED light ring and splendid OLED arrangement display line superintendence arrows to beam we to your destination. It mounts to your windshield with a captivating mountain so we can simply cocktail it off and secure it when we leave a vehicle.

Garmin GPS turn-by-turn navigation is supposing by Alexa and a tie to your smartphone by Bluetooth and a Garmin Speak app. All of a good Alexa skills are upheld on a Garmin Speak Plus too.

The Garmin Speak Plus will be accessible starting mid-February for $229.99 from Garmin, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers. There will be a special pre-order cost of $199.99 from Jan 8 – Feb 10.







Garmin Speak adds Amazon Alexa to your automobile for $149

Garmin’s 1.5-inch round Speak sits above your automobile dashboard and provides entrance to Amazon Alexa as good as turn-by-turn navigation.






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