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CDOs some-more expected to news to a CEO than to a CIO

While more CIOs than ever are stating into a CEO – rather than a arch financial officer or a arch handling officer (COO) – they are increasingly carrying to contest with arch digital officers for change over IT policy. 

According to recruitment organisation Harvey Nash and KPMG, chief digital officers (CDOs) are twice as expected to news to a CEO than to a arch information officer (CIO). The explain is formed on a consult conducted by a dual companies. 

The 2016 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey found that 46 per cent of CDOs news to a CEO, while usually 21 per cent news to a CIO.

Much of a disproportion is formed on IT bill size. CDOs in organisations with an IT bill of some-more than $250m are somewhat some-more expected to news to a CIO (32 per cent) than they are to a CEO (29 per cent).

But 49 per cent of CDOs during firms with an IT bill of reduction than $100m news to a CEO, and usually 19 per cent news to a CIO.

CDOs during companies with IT budgets of $100m to $250m are some-more expected to news to a CEO (45 per cent) than a CIO (27 per cent).

COOs are a third many expected stating line for CDOs for all sizes of companies, followed by a arch selling officer and a arch financial officer respectively.

Other pivotal findings
The CDO role continues to grow, though hasn’t confirmed a gait seen in a 2015 survey, that showed a 7 per cent arise to 17 per cent. Some 19 per cent of organisations now occupy a CDO.

Broken down by sector, 43 per cent of promotion organisations have a CDO, that is some-more than twice a tellurian normal of 19 per cent.

Other industries with some-more than a tellurian normal are promote and media (30 per cent), pharmaceuticals (27 per cent), financial services (25 per cent), supervision (24 per cent), charities (20 per cent), veteran services (20 per cent) and sell (21 per cent).

Only 19 per cent of record firms have a CDO. The news suggested that these companies have some-more people in technical and digital roles who can commence some CDO duties.

There has been most discuss as to either organisations indeed need a CDO. Transport for London CIO Steve Townsend pronounced in Feb that companies should barter a CIO for a CDO usually if they can’t change a approach IT projects operate.

Harvey Nash surveyed 3,352 CIOs and record leaders in 82 countries between Dec 2015 and Apr 2016.

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