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Canon offers a glance into a destiny of sensor technology

Back in Jan Canon announced 3 specialized sensors during CES 2018. Along with a 5MP Global Shutter sensor, it also suggested a 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor and a 19μm (pixel pitch) Full HD sensor (by comparison Canon’s full-frame EOS 5D Mark IV has a 5.36μm sensor).

Canon has now suggested footage display what a latter dual chips are means of, and while you’re not expected to see them in your subsequent Canon DSLR, they showcase cutting-edge tech that will no doubt eventually drip down to a consumer sensors Canon manufactures.

35MMFHDXS sensor

This full-frame sensor competence usually have a fortitude of 2.2MP, though what it loses in a series of pixels it some-more than creates adult for in pixel distance during 19μm, permitting any pixel to constraint most some-more light than stream sensors.

The incomparable pixel distance means a sensor should broach superb high-sensitivity, low-noise imaging performance, and be means of achieving good formula even in really low lighting.  

This is interjection to a readout electronics contracting new technologies, while a sensor is also means to fire during a really considerable 100fps in Full HD. Check out a video next to see a representation footage captured. 

120MXS sensor

The second sensor for that Canon has expelled demo footage is a 120MXS, a 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor with 13,280 x 9184 pixels – that’s 60x a fortitude of Full HD, and roughly 15x a fortitude of 4K.

Before we get too carried away, this sensor can usually constraint video during 9.4fps, so while it competence be too clunky for filmmakers, a intensity to be means to wizz in on footage and still grasp high levels of fact is firm to interest to some dilettante industries. You can see for yourself in a video below, in that Canon compares footage to that from a Full HD DSLR. 

If we wish to find out some-more about these sensors, Canon has set adult the possess dedicated sensor page with some-more information.

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