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Build your possess 1TB SSD and save over £100

A COUPLE of weeks ago, we reported on a Samsung T5, a little form cause SSD with some considerable speeds and storage of adult to 2TB.

The 1TB chronicle costs £399 RRP, (though we can get it for less) and we found ourselves thinking, “Hang on – we can do improved than that”. So we had a discuss with a friends during Crucial to see if we could come adult with something that does a same pursuit for less. And here’s a result.


We’ve used a uninformed off a prolongation line MX300 in an M.2 form factor. We’ve left for M.2 since it can offer ludicrously quick speeds in a little form factor.

In fact, a specs exaggerate a 530Mb/s review speed – usually 10Mb/s off a Samsung.

So we’ve grabbed a storage for £269.99 and now we need to put it in a casing.

The critical thing to remember here is that to get a genuine advantages (and speeds) we’re aiming for, make certain that we buy a USB-C device, and some-more importantly, one that supports USB 3.1 2nd generation. We found this one on Amazon for £17.99.

Optionally, we can also squeeze a USB-C to USB-C wire if we wish to use it with your phone or mechanism that’s new adequate and posh enough. Don’t get too mislaid in a code names – there’s a raft of them that can be trusted, such as Choetech. If we get stuck, check for a USB-IF peculiarity mark.

Of course, if you’ve usually got unchanging USB, afterwards that’s fine, there’s one enclosed in a box. In fact, so is a screwdriver, so you’ve unequivocally got zero to worry about.


So – here’s how we do it. First of all, use a screwdriver to remove a screws during both ends. For a subsequent bit, remember to possibly wear latex gloves, or earth yourself regulating something like this. It usually takes a bit of immobile in your fingers to grill a chip.

Slide out a bottom of a enclosure. Loosen a holding screw (that’s a large bullion one during a top). Then, insert a SSD pierce a holding screw into position, and tie it.


Then put a whole thing behind together by reattaching a screws.

Add your cable. Plug in. Realise that a mechanism isn’t display a new drive. Panic.

Stop panicking. At this indicate (we’re presumption you’re regulating Windows) you’ll need to initalise a drive. And that’s a doddle too.

From a Windows symbol on a distant left of a charge bar, right-click. It’ll move adult a list of shortcuts. We wish a one called “Disk Management”.


You’ll find that a pop-up will automatically tell we that we have a hoop that needs to be initialised. Follow a instructions. Leave all as default if we want.

The usually things we competence wish to change are a name (we went for ‘M2 1TB’) and we can appropriate a expostulate minute – we went for T: though if we don’t care, a complement will select one for you.

The usually other thing to cruise is if we wish a complicated format (GPT), or a normal Master Boot Record. The answer is – if we wish to use it with XP or Vista, afterwards switch to MBR, differently leave it as default.


Bosh. You’re done. When we go behind to My Computer, we should find your new expostulate is listed and it’s prepared for use. 

So what about performance? Well, a methodology isn’t quite earth shattering, though in a competition to send 1GB of pointless data, a new MX300 formed complement managed it 8.5x faster than an HDD.

Sizewise, it’s 124 x 38 x 9mm, and weighs in during hardly 50g.


And a cost? £288. So we’ve saved £111 during RRP, (certainly an comprehensive smallest of £30) for a consequence of 10 mins work. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

By a way, a can of Irn Bru is only to give we an thought of scale, we can splash anything we like while creation it. µ

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