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Bill Gates’ interest in Microsoft is now only 1.3 percent

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates donated 64 million shares of Microsoft, value an estimated $4.6 billion in early June, according to a just-released filing with a Securities Exchange Commission.

As a result, Gates now has a 1.3 percent interest left in a association he founded with Paul Allen, by Bloomberg’s estimates. Comparatively, in 1996, Gates’ interest in Microsoft was 24 percent, Bloomberg said.

The SEC filing done open on Aug. 14 did not outline a name of a target of Gates’ latest donation, though a infancy of his new donations have left to a Bill Melinda Gates Foundation charity.

Update: GeekWire has reliable that the target of a 64-million-share concession is a Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

The largest particular Microsoft shareholder continues to be former CEO Steve Ballmer. Gates is a second largest, and stream Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is No. 3. Ballmer has been Microsoft’s largest particular shareholder given 2014 or so.

As of final fall, according to Microsoft’s 2016 substitute statement, Gates owned 2.46 percent of Microsoft’s common stock.

Bloomberg pronounced Gates’ many new concession of Microsoft shares was his largest such concession given 2000. For now, Gates stays a richest male in a world.


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