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Azure’s Pelican cloud storage complement casts shade over tape

Microsoft is operative to rise a new category of disk-based storage that is low-cost though faster than fasten for a Azure cloud service, according to The Register.

Speaking during an eventuality in Sydney, Mark Russinovich, a CTO of Azure, pronounced that Microsoft is a world’s biggest user of tape, that it uses for a Azure Archive software-defined storage service.

The association is “not satisfied” with tape’s performance, and wants a faster choice that will inspire business to store some-more information for longer. “We consider there is another indicate in a [storage cost vs. entrance latency] spectrum that is somewhat aloft cost, though most some-more fit than tough disks,” Russinovich told attendees.

Cost is also a factor, with fasten enclosures – that need special infrastructure in a information centre – operative out to be sincerely expensive.

Microsoft’s proceed is called ‘Project Pelican‘, and it has been articulate about it for years; though a complement competence indeed be put into prolongation in 2018.

The association is aiming to pattern a shelve of over 1,150 3.5″ disks, any with 10TB of storage, for a sum ability of 11.5 PB (petabytes). The pattern also facilities servers to control a drives.

“What creates this singular is that a disks can't all spin adult during a same time,” Russinovich said. “When information is being accessed a server spins adult a drives. This allows we to store large amounts of information with really small power.”

There was no discuss of when Pelican competence be accessible to business – though there were some pointed hints that let us look into a future.

Russinovich called Pelican “the heir” to stream cloud storage hardware, and pronounced that it is generally matched to storing large amounts of ‘cold’ (infrequently accessed) information though a speed drawbacks of tape. That could make it useful for, for instance, information that could surprise destiny AI developments. Russinovich pronounced that this information is infrequently rejected today.

Another teenager idea was a acknowledgment that some Azure information centres aren’t set adult to residence fasten libraries, though are prepared to take on a new disk-based system.

That’s not to contend that Pelican will spin fasten into a dodo during Azure; though Microsoft is clearly wakeful of a medium’s drawbacks and is operative to opposite them.

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