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AVG Internet Security Review: A reward antivirus apartment that we can put on all your domicile PCs

AVG has a large advantage in a giveaway antivirus space given it owns both Avast (acquired in 2016) and a homegrown product, AVG Free. The wish is that you’ll adore a giveaway things so many that you’ll eventually ascent to one of a paid products.

In a box of AVG, many people go with a Internet Security program. Priced during $70, it’s one step down from a company’s flagship product, AVG Ultimate, and lacks a series of Ultimate’s reduction essential features. For example, we don’t get AVG’s PC balance adult package or third-party desktop program updater. That’s frequency a loss, though, as we can find giveaway programs to dump cached folders holding adult too many space or guard program updates. The critical confidence facilities are all enclosed in a $70 confidence suite, however, including antivirus, firewall, and phishing protection.

Unlike Avast, AVG opted not to embody a cue manager as partial of a several confidence packages. Instead, we have to flare over an additional $20 per year to make that a partial of your confidence set-up. That’s not a bad price, yet for a few bucks some-more we can get an annual subscription to LastPass.

When we initial open adult AVG, it offers a identical cultured to a corporate reflection Avast. The app mostly has a gray credentials with splendid immature to prominence critical information. You’ll initial see a standing dashboard that lets we know that AVG confidence facilities are active.

Note: This examination is partial of our best antivirus of 2017 roundup. Go there for sum about competing products and how we tested them.

avgmenu Ian Paul/IDG

AVG Internet Security’s primary dashboard and menu.

This dashboard is not intuitive, though. Almost zero is clickable in a categorical partial of a screen. To tweak many options, we have to click on a Menu hamburger idol during a tip right of a window. There we can get into a nitty dirty of a application’s settings, including ubiquitous options, controls for ransomware protection, a information protected (encrypted folders), and a record shredder underline that overwrites deleted information to make it harder to recover.

internetsecuritymenucomponents Ian Paul/IDG

AVG Internet Security’s Components settings.

Overall, a settings could be improved orderly and done clearer. Most of a pivotal settings you’ll wish to access, for example, are underneath Menu Settings Components. From there we can tweak your firewall and play with a spam scanning settings.

Reinforcing my indicate about organization, however, is how a options are laid out. Each partial of a member settings is dark underneath a downward confronting arrow. Click that arrow and we exhibit any section’s panel, though all you’ll see is an reason of a underline and an choice to uninstall particular tools of a confidence suite. To indeed get deeper into those firewall settings, we have to click a Customize couple in any tile, that is never hidden.

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