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Asus Flip 14 UX461: More grunt for your dollar

The motto states that beauty is in a eye of a beholder, and for mine, a Asus Flip 14 is not a device that will means venerate during initial steer formed on a looks.

But when we realize what lies underneath a standard Asus brushed steel appearance, and a appealing cost indicate it sits at, afterwards we competence come to venerate this machine.

Aesthetically, a Flip 14 is nonetheless another automobile PC, and where once we would have deliberate a 4 opposite modes of use, it’s adequate in 2018 to contend that they exist, and it has a choice to be one of a beefiest and chunkiest Windows 10 tablets going around.

Into a same basket we put a concomitant stylus. we am distant from being an artistic chairman during a best of times, and we don’t use styli; however, we will state that we consider this one lags behind a competition, yet eventually it is left as an practice to a reader. Also keep in mind that there does not seem to be a accessible approach to keep a stylus and a Flip together, so we are eventually going to remove a stylus during some point.

Where a Flip excels is in a componentry Asus has selected for it.

Straight up, a UX461 arrives with dual chip choices: Either a Core i7-8550U, or an i5-8250U. So carrying adequate cores and grunt for a immeasurable infancy of workloads shouldn’t be an issue, and when joined with 16GB of LPDDR3 memory and a 512GB of SSD storage connected around an M.2 slot, a opening is positively adult a aloft finish of a scale.

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For a section we tested, and a indication that is accessible in Australia, there is a poignant fissure in a armour, and that is a graphics chip. Our section used Intel 620 integrated graphics, since in America, there is a choice of carrying a dissimilar Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU. Given a specs on a rest of a silicon, it’s unsatisfactory that antipodean business can't accept a best package though resorting to grey importing.

Another reason because general business competence eye off a grey import is a price. In Australia, a Flip 14 with 16GB of RAM, an i7-8550U, and 256GB of storage is being sold for AU$2,000; meanwhile, a endorsed sell cost in a US starts during $900, that translates to around AU$1,100 during a time of writing. So that leaves around AU$900 in headroom for a cost of a i7 and additional 8G of RAM, and we can't see those upgrades costing that many coin.

In fact, a cost shown on a tip of this examination is $1,300 for a indication including a dissimilar graphics chip from US Amazon.

That said, even with a Australian caveat, a cost of a Flip 14 stays attractive. Among a competitors, looking during machines with a Core i7 and 16GB of memory, a cost will many expected mangle a AU$3,000 barrier, and those machines are regulating processors now one era old.

Before we get too excited, though, it is value indicating out that a guard is a small Full HD 1920×1080 display, and in an age of 4K output, it leaves a Flip lacking.

Taken together, notwithstanding a above gripes, there’s a lot to like about a package that Asus has put together — for developers, this appurtenance ticks a lot of boxes. With a dissimilar GPU, it would parasite a lot more.

If we need a grunty work machine, and do not have a need for dissimilar graphics, you’ll go a prolonged approach before you’ll get some-more silicon for your buck.

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