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Android Pay UK to launch in late March

Android Pay, Google’s choice to Apple Pay, will launch in a UK during a finish of March. However, Google has nonetheless to endorse a widely aired rumours. 

The launch follows a rollout of Android Pay in a US final September, which saw it go live in one million locations

But it still lags behind Apple Pay, that launched in a UK behind in Jul 2015, giving a Cupertino, California-based association a conduct start of some 8 months in a mobile payments market.

Android Pay closely resembles Apple Pay in a approach it works, enabling users to compensate for purchases regulating a smartphone installed with a user’s Visa or MasterCard sum with a near-field communication (NFC) enabled contactless terminal.

The marketplace is set to knowledge rather of a Mexican standoff with Samsung due to launch a Samsung Pay contactless payments use in a UK, nonetheless a Korean record hulk has nonetheless to announce an central launch date.

Already launched in Korea and a US, Samsung Pay offers contactless remuneration by both NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission, something it gained by a acquisition of LoopPay.

This means that distinct Apple Pay and Android Pay, Samsung Pay will work with comparison remuneration terminals but NFC functionality, potentially giving it most some-more strech with UK retailers than opposition mobile payments services.

All 3 services are corroborated by vital payments companies Visa and MasterCard. Visa has also been creation efforts to boost a widespread of contactless and complicated electronic payments in Europe.

Apple’s successful rollout of Apple Pay is in partial down to it charity a marketplace a singular preference of smartphones all using a same or really identical versions of iOS.

In comparison Google has a bigger plea due to a far-reaching operation of opposite handsets using Android with mixed and customised versions of a handling complement arguably fragmenting a Android market, nonetheless during a same time diversifying a ecosystem.

But a relations success of Apple Pay has a knock-on outcome of improving mobile remuneration and digital wallet adoption opposite a market, and will see contactless payments spending soar.



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