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Android 8.0 Oreo: Google says it’s looking into cart Bluetooth audio problems


Google Pixel owners are among those stating Bluetooth tie problems with Android 8.0 Oreo. (Image: James Martin/CNET)

Early recipients of Android Oreo are stating a operation of audio-related problems that seem to be related to cart Bluetooth.

Google has put out a call on a Nexus and Pixel forums for bug reports from owners influenced by Bluetooth issues after installing a Android Oreo this week. Google released it as an OTA to Pixel and Nexus owners who’d enrolled in a Android Beta program.

The Bluetooth issues have manifested themselves in tie problems with Android Auto, wireless headphones, and Bluetooth speakers.

Many users are stating that a phone will bond to a vehicle’s infotainment system, though from there, they knowledge problems with audio outlay from automobile speakers.

One BMW owners reported his Pixel pairs with Auto only fine, though doesn’t play audio by a car’s speakers. The automobile speakers played audio when he used handsfree to accept a call, though didn’t work if he called out. His wireless headphones also successfully paired, though audio cuts out for a millisecond each 5 to 20 seconds.

Several others reported audio slicing out intermittently on headsets, as good as a Bluetooth connectors holding longer and losing a tie over a shorter stretch than previously.

Others are also stating that Auto on Android Oreo is blank media information that should seem on a automobile arrangement from song apps, such as Spotify.

Some owners have reported experiencing a same Bluetooth connectivity problems in Android O developer preview releases and are unhappy Google didn’t repair them before a final release. Frustrated users are spending time in vain on a operation of troubleshooting efforts.

The problem doesn’t seem to impact all Android 8.0 users, though there are a poignant series of users with opposite automobile and headphone models angry about identical issues.

According to Google’s Pixel and Nexus village manager, a Bluetooth group is questioning a bug reports that users are submitting. So distant there are about 200 reports.


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