Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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A bad day with mobile 2FA

As a longtime proponent of two-factor authentication (2FA) in a mobile world, we was distressed to get strike with dual problems regulating 2FA on Thursday (April 4). But maybe a ability to ventilate those dual mobile-oriented problems with 2FA will do some good, if sites only compensate attention.

The day started with my perplexing to couple to an engaging mobile confidence story in my amicable feed (yes, that would shortly infer ironic). The story couple wouldn’t work for me, with my browser revelation me a site had redirected me too many times. It suggested that we transparent out my cookies. That done tiny clarity to me given a evident problem, though we was overdue for a cookie cleanout anyway, so we gave it a shot.

It didn’t help, of course. we came adult with a workaround (I related to a story’s comments, that worked only fine). Next, we visited several amicable sites. One of my favorites — a tiny and little-known site — asked for my login and password. we complied, and it afterwards escalated to 2FA. It didn’t give me any options about a second cause (which is mobile 2FA problem series one) and insisted on texting me a acknowledgment number.

I waited though zero arrived. So we asked it to do it again and again. Nothing. That’s when we satisfied that a site was expected perplexing to content my landline. And that is mobile 2FA problem series two: If you’re seeking for my phone series so that we can content me someday down a road, tell me that, and I’ll give we my cellphone number. Otherwise, you’ll get a series we many mostly answer, my landline, and it will do we no good when it’s unequivocally needed.

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