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8 things we need to know about Apple (Q1 2018 edition)

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While Apple’s gain report is where we get a tender contribution about how a association is doing, there can be some genuine nuggets of information buried in a follow-up discussion call.

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Here are 8 new things we know about Apple’s business:

#1: Don’t only concentration on a iPhone

It’s easy to get blinkered when looking during Apple and consider that all hinges on iPhone sales. Apple CEO Tim Cook tries to blow divided that idea right out of a gate:

“We’re anxious to news Apple’s biggest entertain ever, that set new all-time annals in both income and earnings. We generated income of $88.3 billion, that is above a high-end of a superintendence range, and it is adult roughly $10 billion or 13 percent over a prior all-time record we set a year ago.” – Tim Cook, CEO

#2: iPhone sales and iPhone income are opposite things

While iPhone sales might have slipped one percent compared to a year-ago quarter, it’s still flourishing as a income driver:

“Our expansion was broad-based and a pivotal motorist was iPhone, that generated a top income ever.” – Tim Cook

#3: Apple still doesn’t wish to speak Apple Watch numbers

But it’s still happy to make statements that, though any context, meant unequivocally little.

“It was a best entertain ever for a Apple Watch with over 50 percent expansion in income and units for a fourth entertain in a quarrel and clever double-digit expansion in each geographic segment. Sales of Apple Watch Series 3 models were also some-more than twice a volume of Series 2 a year ago.” – Tim Cook

#4: iPhone cost bumps pushed adult ASP dramatically

The iPhone ASP (Average Selling Price) strike an all-time high interjection to a $1,000+ iPhone X and a $50 cost strike on a iPhone 8/8 Plus, violation a $700 separator for a initial time:

“iPhone ASP increasing to $796 from $695 a year ago, driven essentially by a launch of iPhone 10 and a success of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.” – Luca Maestri, SVP and CFO

#5: Apple attempted to reframe that “iPhone sales slip” account

While analysts and investors still take a perspective that a entertain is a quarter, we still admire a try during reframing a account here:

“During a quarter, we sole 77.3 million iPhones, a top series ever for a 13-week quarter. Average weekly iPhone sales were adult 6 percent compared to Dec entertain final year with expansion in each segment of a universe notwithstanding a staggered launch of iPhone 10.” – Luca Maestri

#6: The iPhone X will renovate into a iPhone

The iPhone X is paving a approach for all iPhones, so design Face ID and OLED to turn a norm:

“But we would tell we that we’re anxious with a accepting of iPhone 10. And as we pronounced when we launched it, we were environment adult a subsequent decade. And that is how we demeanour during it. And so that’s a reason it’s chockfull of implausible innovation. And so we can gamble that we’re pulling that string.” – Tim Cook

#7: Lots of speak about AR, though still all deceptive and hairy

Apple likes to speak large about a destiny of AR, though a stream stand of apps that make use of it, along with how we use it (awkwardly holding adult an iPhone or iPad) diesn’t unequivocally compare up:

“I see AR as being profound. we think, AR has a ability to amplify tellurian opening instead of isolating humans. And so we am a huge, outrageous follower in AR.” – Tim Cook

#8: People only aren’t upgrading iPads

It’s new buyers and switchers that are pushing sales:

“Worldwide, roughly half of a iPad sales were a first-time inscription buyers are those switching to Apple, and that’s loyal in some of a many grown markets, including Japan and France. In China, new and switching users done adult over 70 percent of all iPad sales.” – Tim Cook

All earning call quotes supposing by Seeking Alpha.

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