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8 Chrome extensions that supercharge Google Drive

Google Drive is useful all by itself, though a series of Chrome browser extensions supplement some-more functions to Google’s cloud storage and bureau apps service. we lonesome several of these add-ons for Chrome in a prior article, “8 giveaway Chrome extensions that raise Google Drive.” Following is a uninformed collection of Chrome extensions that can urge how we work with and conduct files in Google Drive.

1. Drive Companion / 2. Docs Companion

Svelte’s Drive Companion turns Google Drive into a practical desktop focus on Windows. Clicking a Drive Companion idol on a Chrome toolbar launches an focus window with a categorical page of your Google Drive using inside it. Like an typical desktop application, a idol (or pretension bar) appears on a Windows taskbar, and a window support can be resized.

Chrome extensions for Google Drive - Drive Companion Howard Wen / IDG

Run Google Drive, Docs, Sheets or Slides as a practical desktop app with Drive Companion. (Click design to increase it.)

When we launch Google Docs, Sheets or Slides files from your Google Drive using in this focus window, Drive Companion will open any of these apps in a possess desktop focus window, too.

The same developer provides an prolongation that does a same thing privately for Google Docs: Clicking a Docs Companion idol on a Chrome toolbar launches this word processor app in a desktop focus window.

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