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​Stratasys, Dassault, Unlimited Tomorrow group adult to scale low-cost 3D printed prosthetics

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Unusual and peculiar uses for 3D printing

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Stratasys, a 3D copy company, and Dassault Systemes, that creates pattern software, pronounced they will work with a organisation called Unlimited Tomorrow to scale custom-designed, low-cost robotic arms for amputees.

Under a partnership, Stratasys will turn a dedicated 3D copy provider for Unlimited Tomorrow. The low-cost prosthetic bid was started by Easton LaChappelle, an businessman who founded Unlimited Tomorrow when he was 17. Dassault will be a dedicated program provider.

LaChappelle’s thought was to cut costs for recipients receiving prosthetics, that can run anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. For children, those costs are tying given they can outgrow models. Unlimited Tomorrow aims to residence customization, weight, and cost with digital, scanning, and 3D copy techniques to speed adult growth and fittings.

According to LaChappelle, a baseline costs for an Unlimited Tomorrow prosthetic will run $5,000, and there’s a use indication for children when they outgrow a device for $2,500 and an upgrade.

Unlimited tomorrow is regulating Indiegogo for a fundraising efforts.

With assistance from Stratasys and Dassault, Unlimited Tomorrow is looking to scale a efforts. Unlimited Tomorrow competes with Open Bionics, another association formulating 3D printed prosthetics. LaChappelle pronounced that Open Bionics uses firm materials while Unlimited Tomorrow isn’t.


Unlimited Tomorrow with Stratasys can imitation in any tone and has programmed a pattern routine so it’s singular to a individual. Here’s a process:

  • 3D scanners collect information from a blank arm and conflicting full arm if possible.
  • The information runs by exclusive program and automatically exports files prepared to be 3D printed.
  • Prosthetic is afterwards printed and total with sensors and wireless charging to conduct force feedback by haptics.

The Unlimited Tomorrow-Stratasys-Dassault partnership is a mutual win on many levels. Unlimited Tomorrow gets a scale and expertise. Mike Gaisford, executive of medical solutions during Stratasys, pronounced a partnership includes investigate and development, pattern partnership and knowhow from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

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“While this attribute is a pivotal square of Stratasys’ Corporate Social Responsibility Program, it goes most deeper,” pronounced Gaisford. “Stratasys is personification a three-tier role: We are providing tangible appropriation to energy Unlimited Tomorrow’s operation and growth; we are 3D copy all components for a initial 100 arms during no cost; and we’re bringing Unlimited Tomorrow’s innovation-to-production scale by running a Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) process.”

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