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​How many Linux users are there anyway?

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​Microsoft's adore event with Linux deepens

​Microsoft’s adore event with Linux deepens

After contrast a waters for years, Microsoft has launched a initial service, Azure Cloud Switch, that’s formed on Linux.

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I was articulate to a crony a other day when he pronounced there were no some-more than 0.0001 percent Linux users. So, so wrong.

True, desktop Linux has never taken off. But, even so, Linux has millions of desktop users. Don’t trust me? Let’s demeanour during a numbers.

There are over 250 million PCs sole any year. Of all a PCs connected to a internet, NetMarketShare reports 1.84 percent were regulating Linux. Chrome OS, that is a Linux variant, has 0.29 percent. Late final year, NetMarketShare certified it had been overestimating a series of Linux desktops, though they’ve corrected their analysis.

You see, NetMarketShare doesn’t simply count PCs, that bond to a network of over 40,000 websites regulating HitsLink Analytics and SharePost. Its methodology is to “collect information from a browsers of site visitors and it afterwards weights a information by country. “We review a trade to a CIA Internet Traffic by Country table, and weight a information accordingly. For example, if a tellurian information shows that Brazil represents 2% of a traffic, and a CIA list shows Brazil to paint 4% of tellurian internet traffic, we will count any singular caller from Brazil twice.”

Another research company, that is frequently cited for handling complement numbers, is StatCounter. By a count desktop Linux has 1.48 percent, with Chrome OS entrance in during 1.03 percent. StatCounter claims a numbers are subsequent from tender browser hits from racking code, that is commissioned on some-more than 2 million sites.

Perhaps a many unprejudiced numbers are from a sovereign government’s Digital Analytics Program (DAP). DAP’s numbers come from a billion visits over a past 90 days to over 400 US executive bend supervision domains. That’s about 5,000 sum websites. These visitors seem to be mostly US citizens. You can see this from a many renouned websites: The US Postal Service, a IRS, and Medline Plus.

By DAP’s count, Linux is bundled in with 0.6 percent other. Chrome OS, according to DAP, has some-more users: 1.3 percent.

Still, while desktop Linux is a minority desktop handling system, it still has millions of users, and that’s a lot some-more than a small fragment of 1 percent.

And, when it comes to altogether end-user handling system, Linux-based Android has 70.96 percent of a mobile marketplace by NetMarketShare’s count. By DAP’s reckoning, Android has 19.9 percent of all end-user systems, while StatCounter shows Android as even some-more renouned than Windows by 39.49 percent to 36.62 percent.

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