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ZTE Blade V8 Pro review: A decent phone that would be improved off with a singular camera

ZTE’s Blade V8 Pro is a company’s latest pull into a bill U.S. smartphone market. It’s a $230 Android phone that boasts a dual-lens camera on a back, means of holding a same character of bokeh photos Apple touted as a headlining underline of a iPhone 7 Plus.

Sounds fancy, right? Well, kind of.

Overall design

zte blade v8 pro side buttonsJason Cipriani

Both buttons are easy to reach.

Despite what a name competence imply, a Blade V8 Pro is conjunction extract blender, nor is it an 8-inch phone.

Bad jokes aside, a Blade V8 Pro has a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 3 gigabytes of memory, 32 GB of storage expandable adult to 128 GB around microSD, a 3140 mAh battery, and is powered by a Snapdragon 625 processor. It runs Android 6.0.1 with ZTE’s possess program tweaks, and has twin unbarred SIM label slots for GSM carriers.

On a right side of a phone is where we find a volume rocker and energy button. The behind of a phone is lonesome in a unequivocally grippy rubber material.

I favourite a altogether feel of a phone, generally with a behind that isn’t during all slippery. It’s a good mangle from a shiny, and distant too smooth, aluminum or potion backs aloft finish inclination are touting as an advantage.

zte blade v8 pro fingerprint sensorJason Cipriani

I consider a whole bottom chin is touch-sensitive, not usually where a white dots are.

Just underneath a shade is a earthy home symbol that pulls double avocation as a finger imitation sensor. Capacitive buttons are found on possibly side of a home button, with ZTE’s program providing a means to barter their functionality between behind and multitasking..

During initial setup we had issues induction my fingerprints, and eventually had to go by a routine a few times. The problem, as distant as we could tell, was a symbol had a tough time identifying when my ride was indeed touching it, definition we had to lift and place my finger behind on a symbol countless times. we chalked adult a emanate to a portion in setup, though unfortunately it carried over when regulating a phone during my examination period.

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