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ZAGG Rugged Messenger keyboard for Apple iPad 10.5 hands-on: Protective box and superb keyboard combo

Last month we tested a Logitech Slim Combo keyboard for a iPad Pro 10.5. While a keyboard is organic and useful for productivity, it’s utterly thick and a $150 cost is tough to justify.

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For a final integrate of weeks, I’ve been regulating a ZAGG Rugged Messenger for a iPad Pro 10.5. It is labelled $50 reduction than a Logitech one ($99.99) and we cite it for several reasons.

Case mode

Slide your iPad Pro into a tip box apportionment of a combo for insurance around a edges and behind of your iPad Pro. A reduction of tough cosmetic and a TPU support strengthen a behind and edges to a MIL-STD 810G rating of 6 feet. Obviously, dropping your iPad Pro on a arrangement will expected means it to crack, though side and corner drops might survive.

There are openings in a cover for a camera, flash, Lightning port, 3.5mm headset jack, and mics. Raised buttons for a energy and volume are benefaction too.

One of a best facilities of a ZAGG Rugged Messenger combo is a Apple Pencil hilt found along a tip (in landscape) or right (in portrait). we hatred that there is no approach to conveniently lift a Apple Pencil with your iPad and this underline alone might set a ZAGG Rugged Messenger detached adequate to prove many customers.

Keyboard mode

The bottom square is a keyboard and behind cover that serves as a kickstand for your iPad Pro. It attaches around a really clever magnet in a spine and connects to your iPad around Bluetooth. A entirely charged keyboard is rated to final for adult to dual years between charging.

There is a quarrel of keys above a 5 standard keyboard rows that offer as a following shortcuts:

  1. Two Bluetooth keys to span to mixed devices
  2. Home
  3. Lock
  4. Task switcher and control panel
  5. Switch keyboard submit language
  6. Keyboard hide/show
  7. Media control for back
  8. Media control for play/pause
  9. Media control for forward
  10. Mute
  11. Volume down
  12. Volume up
  13. Keyboard energy button

There are 5 rows of keys next this tip line with a full series row, directional arrows, FN key, dual CMD, Two Alt/Option, and dual Shift keys. Use a FN and down arrow to toggle by 3 liughtness levels. Use a FN and right arrow to toggle by 7 keyboard backlight colors. The backlighting is some-more even and splendid than what is benefaction on a Logitech Slim Combo.

The keys are good spaced and have plain travel. The wrist support is prolonged adequate to be gentle when used in a series of ways. The magnets are really clever to reason a keyboard to your iPad and also column adult your iPad.

The behind square of a keyboard has 3 seams in it and folds afterwards slides adult and down a behind of a ZAGG box to concede we to column adult your Apple iPad Pro 10.5 in several opposite positions. When we lift a keyboard down from a front of your iPad Pro, your iPad wakes adult and a arrangement turns on.

Daily use experiences

The ZAGG Rugged Messenger matches a reward pattern of a Apple iPad Pro and is a keyboard combo we was looking for to compare adult with a Apple iPad Pro. It looks good and is good designed.

The ZAGG Rugged Messenger is usually $99, that is about a third reduction than a Apple and Logitech keyboard options. we have tested all 3 and cite a ZAGG pattern and capability. The ZAGG Rugged Messenger weighs in during a rather large 1.53 pounds, though with a iPad Pro it is still lighter than many laptops.

Although a keys might be a bit improved designed on a Logitech Slim Combo, a price, Apple Pencil holder, backlighting options, and improved use on your path make a ZAGG Rugged Messenger a improved option.

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