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Your Chromecast competence be slaying your Wi-Fi network, though a repair is coming

Update: According to Google, a repair is in a works that will recover on Jan 18. The bug in doubt lies within a Cast program on Android phones, that have been reported to send vast packets of information that can lead to a stalemate in Wi-Fi performance.

Until a refurbish lands, Google suggests rebooting your phone and ensuring that your router’s firmware is current.

Original essay follows below.

If you’ve been experiencing Wi-Fi dropouts and delayed speeds on your home network recently, certain Google inclination competence be to censure according to several users in a Google Home Help Forum, as reported by Android Police.

One unknown user in a forum started a thread after seeing that their Wi-Fi network had started dropping out with shocking magnitude on returning home with an Android device. As an experiment, a user away their Google Cast-enabled inclination from a network, including an Android handset, mixed Chromecasts and Google Home Mini units. The result? A fast network that has had no dropouts or issues since. 

After doing some investigate online, a user beheld several other posts from people with identical issues, all from around a same duration (December 2017). The emanate was reported on a forums of several router manufacturers, heading one deputy from router-maker TP-Link to lapse with an explanation.

“From what we have collected so far, a emanate appears to be associated to some new releases of Android OS and Google Apps,” pronounced a representative, serve explaining that a “issue stems from these devices’ “Cast” feature, that sends MDNS multicast find packets in sequence to keep a live tie with Google products such as Google Home.”

Normally, this would start during 20-second intervals, however, TP-Link’s engineers detected that “the inclination will infrequently promote a vast volume of these packets during a really high speed in a brief volume of time,” infrequently surpassing “more than 100,000 packets”. In other words, inclination like Chromecast and Google Home are fundamentally DDoSing your router with some-more requests than it can handle. 

Thankfully, a emanate is now a famous one, with some router manufacturers already charity instructions on how to hurl behind to progressing versions of their firmware that strengthen opposite a problem. Linksys, on a other hand, has already incorporated “a new WLAN motorist that will assistance lessen an emanate that was detected where Android inclination entrance in and out of nap mode would pile-up a Wireless Network.”

If you’re still carrying issues, we advise disconnecting your Google inclination from your Wi-Fi network to see if that fixes a problem. If not, a emanate might distortion elsewhere.

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