Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Yamaha takes on a Chromecast with the stripped-down MusicCast streamer

If you’re shopping a new square of audio apparatus these days afterwards chances are it will have support for during slightest one form of wireless connectivity, be it Bluetooth, Google Cast or AirPlay. 

But for those of us who have an existent setup that was built in a days before we cut a chord, inclination like Google’s Chromecast Audio are a good approach of smartening adult an comparison hi-fi setup. 

Now Yamaha is removing in on a movement with a WXAD-10, a device that will supply your stereo with support for Bluetooth, Airplay, and Yamaha’s possess MusicCast app. 

MusicCast vs Chromecast

Compared to a Chromecast, Yamaha’s charity seems to be a small some-more restrictive. 

Whereas Google Cast functionality is now built into a far-reaching operation of apps, MusicCast has a some-more singular charity that you’ll have to entrance by a MusicCast app itself (iOS and Android versions are available). Spotify, Tidal and Deezer are all now supported, that should cover many streaming needs, though we won’t be means to entrance them natively from their possess apps as we can with a Chromecast setup. 

The WXAD-10 itself is a opposite savage to a Chromecast audio. It doesn’t concede digital output, though it’s versed with a Burr-Brown DAC so you’ll substantially be calm with analogue audio outputs. 

It’s also got an Ethernet pier that a Chromecast lacks, that should concede we to get a some-more fast internet connection. This is generally accessible deliberation it supports files of adult to 24-bit/192kHz in fortitude (Chromecast, meanwhile, re-samples aloft fortitude files down to only 24-bit/48kHz). 

The WXAD-10 will be accessible from May this year during a cost that’s still to be confirmed, though with these specs it’s doubtful to be as affordable as a Chromecast. We’ll have to wait and see either Google can be replaced from the streaming throne.  

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