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Windows 10 tip: Use an ISO record to emanate a bootable USB peep drive

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Double-click to open a ISO record as a practical expostulate in File Explorer, afterwards drag a essence to your liberation drive.

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Every time Microsoft releases a new underline refurbish for Windows 10, we should build a new liberation expostulate containing a setup files for that update. You can use that expostulate to scold a shop-worn designation or to reinstall Windows on a new PC.

You can use a Media Creation Tool to emanate a bootable USB peep drive, as we report in my designation FAQ. But we suggest a somewhat opposite approach: Use a choice to download a Windows 10 installer as an ISO file, and afterwards use that record to make bootable designation media.

After a download is complete, we can double-click a ISO record to mountain it as a practical DVD expostulate and run Setup directly from a mounted drive. From that same File Explorer window, we can also emanate bootable Windows 10 designation media on a USB peep drive.

In further to a ISO file, we also need a USB peep expostulate during slightest 8 GB in size. This routine will undo all information on a USB drive, so behind adult any critical files before proceeding. Then follow these steps:

  1. Plug a USB peep expostulate into your PC and use a Recovery Media Creator apparatus emanate Windows 10 liberation drive. (The easiest approach to find this apparatus is to form Create a liberation drive in a hunt box on a taskbar, afterwards click a by-pass from a hunt results. For full details, see “Windows 10 tip: Create a liberation drive.”)
  2. Open File Explorer and double-click a liberation expostulate we only combined to open a essence in a window.
  3. Open a second File Explorer window, locate a Windows 10 ISO record we downloaded, and double-click to mountain it as a practical drive.
  4. Position a dual File Explorer windows side by side and drag a full essence of a mounted expostulate to your USB peep drive. Choose a choice to overwrite all existent files.

Label a expostulate (including a chronicle number) and keep it in a protected place.


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