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Windows 10: Everything we need to know

The successive Windows 10 refurbish is always around a corner, and this essay will keep we sensitive about what’s new and what’s important. You can always check here for a latest Windows 10 examination formed on the two vital updates scheduled per year, and a highlights from important builds in between. We’ll tell we how to get Windows 10 for your PC. Finally, we’ll plead a vital facilities of Windows 10—including a few we should watch out for. Keep reading for all we need to know about Windows 10. 

What’s new in Windows 10

The stream Creators Update usually started rolling out in Mar (see a review), yet Windows fans are already looking forward to a Fall Creators Update, due someday in September. Revealed May 11 during Microsoft’s Build discussion in Seattle, a Fall Creators Update’s best new features are mostly about streamlining Windows and your ability to use it wherever we are. Highlights embody “pick adult where we left off,” that lets we continue to use cloud-based files seamlessly as we pierce among devices, and OneDrive Files on Demand, that creates your OneDrive files manifest and permitted around Windows 10’s record system. The new Insider Build 16215 showcases a challenging raise of these facilities in progress.

Story Remix is one of a many intriguing innovations. Sure, other apps let we tack together photos or video, yet Microsoft creates it collaborative, vouchsafing we mix videos from mixed sources. It also lets we remix a video to concentration on a specific person, and supplement special effects easily. 

Unfortunately, a few facilities we suspicion would be in a Fall Creators Update, namely Timeline and Cloud-powered clipboard, will be behind to a successive build. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirmed this unsatisfactory news in a Jul 3 Tweet (via Supersite Windows). 


Users can combine on a same picture in WIndows 10’s Story Remix app.

We’re training some-more about Windows 10 S, a preparation chronicle of Windows introduced during a May 2 eventuality in New York City. It’s designed to quarrel behind opposite Chromebook intrusion in a classroom, by charity a allied turn of manageability and security—including a single-minded, some competence contend tying joining to Windows Store apps.

At slightest it has a flagship: a slender, Alcantara-fabric-clad Surface Laptop, directed true during college-age MacBook Air-heads. Read a Surface Laptop review to find out what it’s like to use this walled-off handling complement and this distinguished new machine, and find some-more Surface Laptop information in a extensive feature. 

Windows 10 Creators Update central review

We reviewed a Creators Update when it rolled out Mar 29, and this is a stream chronicle for Windows 10 users. We like this update. While it lacks a deep, nuts-and-bolts changes that came with a before Anniversary Update, a Creators Update improves what’s there and adds some welcome—and fun—new features. Our favorites include:

  • The hidden desktop themes to liven adult your display
  • Handy productivity features that assistance we work faster.
  • The new Game Mode, that creates other complement processes take a backseat to diversion play so  you can get a best probable performance. We tested Game Mode and found it can make a noticeable, if not dramatic, difference, and is value perplexing if we have an comparison or slower PC.
  • The Edge browser combined ebook support, including robotic reading-aloud, and a ability to organisation and accumulate tabs for after reference. Even better: more extensions to supplement to this still-spare browser’s capabilities.
Adam Murray / IDG

With a Creators Update, a Surface Dial adds innovative menu navigation to concordant Windows applications. It debuted with Microsoft’s Surface Studio yet can be used with other Surface products.

The Creators Update also debuted innovative submit methods, primarily built to work with Microsoft’s Surface Studio. This huge, beautiful, all-in-one PC reclines way, approach down so it can be used like an artist’s sketch pad. Its Surface Dial lets we spin, scroll, and navigate in ways that feel freer and some-more healthy compared to regulating a keyboard and mouse.

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