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Windows 10 Creators Update FAQ: Everything we need to know

Editor’s note: This essay was updated regularly given a Windows 10 Creators Update’s launch, many recently to discuss a “Windows 10 is no longer upheld on this PC” blunder plaguing some Intel Atom laptops.

More than 5 months after a grand phenomenon final October, a Windows 10 Creators Update is finally here—and a wait was value it.

Following in a footsteps of final August’s sweeping Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a Creators Update tweaks and tunes a core Windows 10 knowledge while heaping on a raise of accessible all-new features. While PCWorld’s comprehensive Windows 10 Creators Update review contains minute impressions of Microsoft’s rested handling system, here’s a higher-level demeanour during what we need to know about a Creators Update.

How do we get it?

Just lay tight! The Windows 10 Creators Update starts rolling out to a ubiquitous open on Apr 11 around a customary Windows Update process, usually like any other Windows 10 update. There’s no approach for home users to opt out of a upgrade.

That doesn’t indispensably meant you’ll accept it today, however; the Anniversary Update took about 4 months to generate to 80 percent of Windows 10 users. Microsoft prioritizes newer PCs with optimal specs for Windows 10 first. If you’re a desirous type, we can manually flog off a Creators Update installation by regulating Microsoft’s Update Assistant. (Warning: Clicking that couple will download an executable record for a Update Assistant to your PC.)

So what’s a large deal?

Microsoft releases dual vital Windows 10 updates any year, and a Creators Update is a initial of those.

desert island with chest primary elite view IDG / Mark Hachman

With a small practice, a Creators Update’s Paint 3D app can be used to erect fun 3D scenes like this one.

It includes some useful quality-of-life changes, such as a high-level remoteness dashboard, an easier setup process, and usability tweaks to several settings and facilities via a handling system. The Creators Update also packs in new goodies, a many important being the Paint 3D app, local video game-streaming, a Game Mode that improves gaming performance, and Edge support for local ebooks and 4K Netflix streams. And, oh yeah! Themes are behind and improved than ever.

Seriously, there’s a lot of things in a new-look Windows 10. Check out PCWorld’s roundup of the Creators Update’s best new features for much, most more.

Sweet! So it’s still free, right?

Yep, free-as-in-beer free—at slightest if you’re already on Windows 10.

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