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Windows 10 Build 17639 will provide ‘Skip Ahead’ insiders with better support for Sets

Tinkerers of the latest ‘Skip Ahead’ build of Windows 10 will be presented with some significant user-interface changes with Version 17639.

The ‘Sets’ tabbed GUI environment will feature a range of improvements intended to make Sets usable without too much trouble, but with conditions that illustrate just how much more there is to do before it can be considered the finished article. 

The interface enhancements are intended to provide a similar tabbed environment to a web browser. 

Within Sets in Build 17639, you can now, for example, drag and drop tabs around within a set. However, you can’t bring a window opened outside the set into the set.

You can make a Microsoft Edge browser tab part of a set, but you can’t drag it in from Edge – that could make it crash.

You can swap between applications within tabs, but only between the primary tabs for each one.

There are also some new settings in the File and context menus to accommodate Sets. Within context, there’s the option to right-click on a tab and then ‘close all tabs to the right’, for example.

There’s more to come in this feature, the list of known issues is a spectacular sight to behold, but it is fundamentally working.

Another new feature available on newer Bluetooth devices is the ability to see how much battery they have left – which will be handy for regular conference callers. There’s also a tweak to the calculator app to make it more accurate.

There’s still a lot to be done and it’s more likely these features will appear in the Autumn (Fall) update, rather than any time soon. There’s no official date for the Spring update, yet, which is expected to include Timeline, the much-hyped feature enabling users to pick up exactly where they left off on a different machine. 

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