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Windows 10 Apr 2018 Update hits show-stopping bug with some Intel SSDs

Windows 10’s latest vital refurbish has seen a series of bugbears strike, and a latest appears to be a show-stopping problem for owners of certain Intel SSDs.

Apparently, there’s a harmony emanate with Intel SSD 600p Series and Pro 6000p Series NVMe drives, whereby users installing a Windows 10 Apr 2018 Update could knowledge a crash, with their PC rebooting to a UEFI screen. Nasty.

Microsoft serve explains that there is a famous disfavour problem with these SSDs and a refurbish might means “performance and fortitude issues”, and that as a result, it’s now operative with Intel and hardware manufacturers to retard a Apr 2018 Update from machines using these drives.

So there will be a proxy retard in place, and once a program hulk has implemented a fix, a refurbish will be done accessible for PCs with these SSDs once again.

Rollback remedy

As a Register reports, for a moment, if we have one of these Intel drives and have been strike by this problem, Microsoft’s recommendation is to simply take a step behind and reinstall a prior refurbish (Fall Creators Update). If you’re stuck, there’s serve assistance supposing by a association on how to do that right here.

Also, if you’ve encountered any other issues with a Apr 2018 Update, we’ve got an endless guide on how to troubleshoot problems.

Other issues encountered by folks relocating to a refurbish embody a glitch where Google’s Chrome browser is locking up, problems with some Alienware laptops (which have also been blocked from installing a refurbish for now), and a rogue patch that indeed seems to means a ‘black shade of death’, that is another quite nasty one.

With sprawling updates as difficult as a ones Microsoft pushes out for Windows 10 on a twice yearly basis, there are always going to be niggles of one arrange or another. We usually have to wish that they’re usually teenager bugs, nonetheless as we’ve seen this time round, that isn’t always a case.

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