Wednesday , 15 August 2018
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Why Google Assistant will beat Siri, Alexa and Cortana

Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is the best-known out there. Amazon dominates the home virtual-assistant appliance market with its Echo line.

But the early leaders rarely end up the market winners. Just a dozen years ago, the dominant mobile phone makers were Nokia and BlackBerry, and tech pundits were certain they’d be clobbered by Palm. Apple didn’t have a phone. Most mobile phone users had never heard of Android.

There’s no reason to believe that today’s virtual-assistant leaders will hold their lead.

The future of the virtual assistant is not where Apple dominates (on mobile phones) or where Amazon does (on home appliances). The space will be characterized by total ubiquity, which means wearables, all electronic devices, many IoT devices and embedded into all the places where humans spend time (offices, cars and homes).

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