Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Why a Walmart VP had a ‘religious conversion’ to blockchain

Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s clamp boss in assign of food safety, was once a “major skeptic” and “non-believer” in blockchain, a electronic bill record height on that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are built.

“I always advise people: if you’re a skeptic, stay in it; read, learn and some-more than that, try to do some work in it,” Yiannas said. “And, I’ve come around and I’ve turn a believer. For me…, it’s some-more like a eremite conversion. The some-more we got into blockchain, a some-more we suspicion this is a solution.”

The problem Yiannas wanted to solve? How to lane a start of each square of fruit, beef or unfeeling sole by a worldwide tradesman of food with 12,000 stores – and tens of thousands of suppliers.

“There are these big, strong food companies, though they have a weakness,” Yannas told attendees during a “Business of Blockchain” discussion during MIT this week. “I consider a food complement has one vital Achilles’ heel. Their Achilles’ heel is a miss of transparency.”

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