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Which partial of Murphy’s Law did we consider they repealed?

Flashback to a mid-1980s, when this IT commander fish is only a year out of college — he knows programming, though he’s still training to be a sysadmin.

And that’s a pursuit he’s been hired for, during an bureau that runs on an Alpha Micro minicomputer. “The Alpha Micro was particular in that a primary outmost media was VHS videotape, both for backups and program distribution,” says fish. “And we routinely didn’t say any outmost bootable media.

“So one of a customary procedural manners was that if we were creation changes to a initialization file, we always edited a duplicate and booted a complement off a duplicate before committing a duplicate to be a new operational record and afterwards booting again.”

And that’s a order fish sticks to — along with conscientiously documenting what happens in a initialization record with comments, in lines that start with a semicolon.

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