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What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Build 17666: ‘Cloud Clipboard,’ Sets improvements and more

Now that Microsoft has shipped a April 2018 Update for Windows 10, it’s relocating full speed forward to a subsequent chronicle of Windows, Redstone 5, due this fall. Chief among a new improvements are several pivotal upgrades: a chronicle of clipboard that can cut and pulp between PCs, improvements to Sets, dim themes, an softened Notepad, and more.

Microsoft shipped a new facilities as partial of Insider Preview Build 17666, that is rolling out for a Fast Ring of Windows 10 Insider machines today. (The dual opposite Insider tracks, Fast and Skip Ahead, will accept a same build.)

Cloud Clipboard

A year ago, there were numerous, yet unwieldy ways to send a record from one PC to another: email, chat, saving it to a cloud, a USB stick, and so on. Now, Windows will save calm and files to a cloud, so we can cut from one device and pulp into another (that you’re sealed into).

This new Clipboard feature, informally named “Cloud Clipboard,” does need a Microsoft account, as good as your accede to save a information within Microsoft. There’s a limit, too: You’ll usually be means to cut and pulp calm reduction than 100K in size. That’s not much. But for a URL or a calm snippet, Cloud Clipboard indeed is easier to use than a Near Share underline within a Apr 2018 Update, yet it’s a bit some-more limited, too. 

Cut-and-paste adds a new twist: Microsoft stores a story of your pastes. Typing Win+V will move adult a new Clipboard story experience, where we can indeed pin frequently-pasted items. Note that a Clipboard story also roams opposite PCs, if we select to capacitate it.

Sets and Edge

One of a things Microsoft talked about during Build was a intensity change in a function of Sets. Currently, within Sets, typing Alt+Tab flips behind and onward between apps. But within Sets’ tabbed UI, everything—a webpage, an app, a document—gets a possess tab. After flipping behind and onward between a specific Word document, and a specific Outlook email, lumping a dozen or so Edge tabs underneath a ubiquitous idol looks a small weird. 

If we agree, you’ll be happy to know that particular Edge tabs now accept a same weight as an Office document, Mail, Outlook, or other apps—you’ll be means to Alt+Tab between Edge tabs, in other words. It’s optional, so if we like a aged approach we can hang with it.

With a new build, Sets also picks adult some some-more Edge-like capabilities. Individual Sets tabs can be muted, like Edge, and we can mention either you’d cite new windows to open in a Sets tabbed environment, or within normal windows.

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