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What to do when your laptop’s touchpad stops working

When your laptop’s touchpad stops responding to your fingers, you’ve got a problem. Have we ever attempted to use a Windows PC though a mouse, touchpad, or other indicating device? It’s all though impossible. 

If a problem only started, reboot your mechanism and see if that fixes it. (Yes, we know that’s painfully obvious, though we all infrequently disremember a obvious.) If that doesn’t work, try these solutions.

First, make certain we haven’t incidentally infirm a touchpad. In all likelihood, there’s a pivotal multiple that will toggle a touchpad on and off. It customarily involves holding down a Fn pivotal (which is substantially nearby a lower-left dilemma of a keyboard) while dire another key.

But what other pivotal should we press? It’s substantially one of a duty keys (F1 by F12), nonetheless it competence be something else. Examine a keyboard, profitable sold courtesy to a tiny icons (usually blue) on some of a keys. Look for an idol that competence advise a touchpad.

0901 my key

One inferior Lenovo touchpad icon

Unfortunately, not all touchpad icons are easy to figure out. we never would have guessed a one on my aged Lenovo X220. we found it by acid on a indication name and series and “disable touchpad.” The answer, by a way, was F8. we had to hunt a answer again for my newer Lenovo Yoga 900, where it was F6. If we can’t theory a icon, we advise we do a same.

If that doesn’t correct a problem, check a touchpad settings. In Windows 7 or 8, go to a Start menu or a hunt attract and form mouse settings. Select Change rodent settings (there are other options that are really similar, so collect a one with that accurate wording). In Windows 10, click a Windows pivotal and go to Settings Devices Touchpad. This brings we to a Touchpad settings page, where we can endorse a touchpad is enabled and check other options.

windows 10 touchpad controls Melissa Riofrio/IDG

Check your laptop’s Touchpad settings to make certain a touchpad is enabled, and check other settings there while you’re during it. 

If that doesn’t help, we might need a new driver. Go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and hunt for your indication series and a difference touchpad driver. See if there’s a motorist we can download and install.

If nothing of these suggestions work, you’ve got a hardware problem. Assuming you’re not prepared to try this arrange of correct yourself, we have dual options: You can send a laptop to a emporium for repairs, or we can buy a small, wireless rodent and use that in the place.

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