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Welcome to the new digital CNC world

ORDERFOX.com, the self-styled ‘Internet of the CNC industry‘, is the world’s largest CNC (computerised numerical control) database, designed to provide new business opportunities to CNC manufacturers and buyers.

Manufacturers can use the platform to search for and find both local and global CNC jobs for free; while buyers can place CNC jobs on the platform, as well as update and optimise their network of suppliers.

As well as acting as a free CNC platform and database, ORDERFOX.com connects manufacturers and buyers. In addition, both receive a range of regular reports and analyses, including current and future trends and facts and figures about the market. This information can provide guidance in making investment decision, for both buyers and manufacturers.

Best practice solution for CNC manufacturers

ORDERFOX.com was set up as a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by CNC manufacturers. It is centred on the idea of optimising the workload of a business. If they have the capacity, a CNC manufacturer can quickly search for new CNC jobs that match its company profile; likewise, if they are at capacity or if a machine breaks down, jobs can be outsourced to suitable partners efficiently and easily.

ORDERFOX.com also assists with everyday problems, acting as a knowledge base: the expertise and experience of a wide range of manufacturing companies is available inside. This information can help ORDERFOX.com users, and the company believes that the sharing of knowledge and experience will not only help the industry grow, but also boost quality and ease overall competitiveness.

Optimising buying processes

Buyers can use ORDERFOX.com to source a range of contacts, to meet requirements from mass production to highly specialised manufacturing, both locally and globally. In doing so, they can update and optimise their supplier networks. Buyers can use the platform to access a range of technical features in which they can utilise all of the advantages of the digital tendering processes.

Tendering on ORDERFOX.com was designed to be fast, efficient and precise; whether that is dealing with a quick, simple job as soon as possible, or looking for a partner for a challenging long-term project.

ORDERFOX.com currently has a database of more than 240,000 of CNC companies.

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