Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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‘Welcome to a Jungle’ raises another $8.4 million

French startup Welcome to a Jungle is lifting a appropriation turn of $8.4 million (€7 million) from XAnge, Bpifrance and Kima Ventures, as good as existent investors Jean-Paul Guisset and Michael Benabou.

Welcome to a Jungle is holding a opposite proceed to pursuit recruitment. The startup isn’t going to find employees for you. Instead, Welcome to a Jungle wants to give we a collection and bearing to get adequate inbound applications.

The association started by profiling hundreds of tech companies in Paris. Instead of formulating a hulk Excel spreadsheet, Welcome to a Jungle works with a video crew, photographers and a essay staff to furnish high peculiarity calm about your company. Think about it as silken paper articles with Condé Nast-like prolongation budget.

All of this is pricy. Companies compensate for these profiles and get their possess page on Welcome to a Jungle’s website. In serve to that, Welcome to a Jungle also produces quarterly magazines for a hundred universities and a thick paper repository once per year.

And it’s loyal that Welcome to a Jungle has lonesome a ton of companies in Paris. When we consider about a association name, chances are we can find a form on Welcome to a Jungle.

Overall, a thousand companies partnered with Welcome to a Jungle. The website now attracts 600,000 singular visitors any month. For engineers, we can now filter depending on your ability set and your technical stack.

In serve to that, a startup has been solemnly ramping adult a software-as-a-service recruitment height called Welcome Kit. Imagine somebody reads about your association in Welcome to a Jungle’s repository and afterwards ends adult on a feeble designed pursuit page.

Welcome Kit replaces a “Jobs” couple in your website’s footer. The height lets we list positions, emanate focus forms and lane candidates. Basic facilities are giveaway and we can compensate for additional facilities and branding options.

With today’s appropriation round, it’s time to demeanour further. The association now wants to enhance to another country, that could be Spain. It’s going to be a delayed enlargement as Welcome to a Jungle needs to put together a internal group in any nation to emanate content.

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