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WaterField Designs bags for Google Pixelbook: Protect your Chromebook and lift a pen


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As we minute final week, a Google Pixelbook is my new primary computer and we am amatory it.

To date we have been carrying it in my rigging bag exposed with a Google Pixelbook Pen pressed in another slot of a bag. Given that WaterField Designs creates some illusory bags we reached out to Heidi to see if it had anything done for a Pixelbook given we did not see anything on a WaterField website. It turns out it has one box for a Pixelbook and others that might also work too.

PC Laptop SleeveCase

My hunt did not spin adult any formula for Google Pixelbook, though Heidi destined me to a PC Laptop Sleevecase page. If we afterwards go to a distance dropdown we will find sleeve #23-18 privately for a Google Pixelbook.

Just like a Apple iPad Pro, carrying a stylus for a device with no silo for carrying it with a inscription is a genuine pain. we beheld that a Laptop Sleevecase for a Pixelbook did not have a coop loop to lift a Pixelbook Pen. Heidi mentioned that all cases are done right in San Francisco when business place their sequence so she would have one done to lift my Pixelbook Pen.

You can squeeze a Laptop Sleevecase in possibly plane or straight course and given we have never tested out a straight box we requested one of these to evaluate. Trim options embody black ballistic with micro trim and waxed board with grizzly leather. As a fan of a aged look, we consider it adds character, we chose a waxed board option.

Customers can also select to have D-rings and a cessation tag added. Since my vigilant was to have a box to lift a Pixelbook with a coop in a incomparable rigging bag or around a office, we did not have D-rings combined to a Sleevecase.

The Laptop Sleevecase has a vast slot on a behind to lift cables, a magazine, or other goodies. The categorical cell is dark underneath a vast strap that is cumulative with Velcro on a front. This cell is ample and lined with soothing black element and froth to strengthen your Pixelbook.

Under a flap, nearby where it attaches to a rest of a case, we will find a silo for a Pixelbook Pen. It is prolonged adequate to ring many of a coop with a ideal hole to reason it firmly in place. The coop loop sits underneath a flap, though opposite a outward of a box and does not rest in a categorical cell with a Pixelbook.

There is a loop along a bottom of a box so that we can reason onto it and lift a Pixelbook simply from a case.

In standard WaterField fashion, a box is built with peculiarity materials and fanciful construction. I’ve been regulating WaterField Designs products for years and it is implausible how they reason adult over time. You can't go wrong selecting a WaterField Designs bag.

This PC Laptop Sleevecase for a Pixelbook is labelled during $69, that we consider is a good understanding for safeguarding your $1,000+ device.






Dash Sleeve for iPad Pro

Heidi looked adult a measurements of a Google Pixelbook and also due that we check out a Dash Sleeve designed for a Apple iPad Pro. These slim cases have a zippered filigree slot for additional gear, that is ideal for a Pixelbook Pen.

These sleeves are done with Luna weave and are coated with water-resistant Nanotex technology. There is also one indication done with black ballistic nylon, though a other options embody complicated colors of blue, green, gray, and red. Heidi sent along a cold blue one for me to exam out with a Pixelbook.

This carrying box is lightweight and adds minimial distance to a Pixelbook. The interior is lined with soothing fabric and foam. A tiny effervescent loop slips over a tip to assistance secure a Pixelbook in place. However, a Pixelbook already only hardly squeezes into this sleeve so it is hold really firmly in position. It indeed took a bit of bid to mislay it for a initial week.

One good underline for those of us who fly a lot is that both of these cases are TSA-checkpoint accessible so we can leave your Pixelbook inside any of these while flitting by security. It can be a bit unsure to lift out your laptop and set it down in a bin exposed so we conclude carrying a checkpoint accessible box solution.

The Dash Sleeve is accessible now for $89. If we are looking for a good box to lift your Pixelbook around a bureau or trip into and afterwards lift in a incomparable trek or other rigging bag, afterwards a Dash Sleeve is a stylish alternative.

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