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Watch Austin spin into Brand Central during SXSW

Every spring, South by Southwest Interactive packs thought-provoking panels and some of a smartest people around into a few block miles in downtown Austin. The festival isn’t all high-level discussions about a destiny of technology, though—it tends to be a predictor of tech trends to come. So it’s no consternation that a biggest brands in a world set adult emporium around a Austin Convention Center to captivate in attendees with events that competence go viral on Twitter or Instagram.

Sometimes that work pays off, like Gatorade’s initial display during a festival with a unpractical locker room, a Fuel Lab. The code showed unconventional concepts like a intelligent persperate patch that will eventually lead to totally customized blends of Gatorade, and tangible products attack a marketplace this year.

The many over-the-top philharmonic was a celebration hosted by Austin amicable media ad startup Gnack and sponsored by Del Monte. This try to mangle a universe record for many people dressed as fruit succeeded (though not officially—the routine to indeed make it in a Guinness record books is an strenuous one). Downtown Austin was filled with a run-off of banana costumed revelers for hours after a eventuality ended, creation it a many absurd code participation we saw during a festival, and also a many successful.

Meanwhile Mophie cornered a marketplace on cuteness with a #MophieRescue campaign, that lifted recognition for entirely charged phone batteries and St. Bernard rescue. Win-win.

Then there was HBO, that put clearly no bid into SXSWesteros, a annual bid to hype a new deteriorate of “Game of Thrones” (does it unequivocally need some-more hype?). From a practical existence knowledge in 2014 to iPad selfies this year…well, HBO could’ve finished more.

All of this competence seem totally weird if you’ve never been to South by Southwest, though trust me: It’s a many fun you’ll have during a tech conference.

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