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WalaBeer Tank delivers your beer autonomously via voice control

WHO NEEDS Amazon’s drone delivery service when you can get your beer delivered right to your lap via toy tank?

That’s the mantra of software developer Balázs Simon anyway, who has posted detailed of his latest project on Hacktser, dubbed WalaBeer Tank.

The tank is essentially a remote controlled toy featuring a crane system that is voice controlled, making it the most manchild way to have your beer delivered.

It can also be controlled entirely using Amazon’s Alexa, using the following commands: Ask beer tank to turn [on/off] the lights; ask beer tank to [open/close] the cargo hold; and ask beer tank to . (lol).

“There are things that, deep inside, every man wants to have. Combining beer and tanks is one of these things,” said simon in the abstract section of the project’s webpage. “This project will be about this thing, a voice-controlled tank that delivers beer to you with an autonomous function or with an RC control. Let’s build the beer tank of our dreams!”

Simon believes that one of his tank’s best features is its “follow me” mode.

“If you ask the beer tank to follow you it will do its best and follow you. Once you have reached your destination you just ask for the beer inside. It is a great party trick,” he said.

This comes in the form of Walabot, which makes for the ‘Wala’ part of the tank’s name. Walabot is a 3D sensor that uses microwaves for imaging. It can do things like see through walls, detect breathing from a distance, see in the dark and more. Simon used Walabot just for the navigation sensor on the tank, hosted via a Raspberry Pi unit.

Those wanting to build their own WalaBeer tank can find all the instructions to do so on Hackster. µ



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