Monday , 24 September 2018
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VPNs on a Chromebook: a scorecard of VPN providers

My last blog discussed the use of VPNs on a Chromebook. As a Chromebook fan, I had to look long and hard to find a VPN provider that supported Chromebooks. I’m not sure why this is. Chrome OS supports the two most popular VPN flavors: OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec (often referred to simply as L2TP).

One reason may be simplicity. Some VPN providers try to make their service easy to use by providing their own software that masks the complexity of a VPN connection. In the most extreme cases, an end user merely needs to click a button to connect.

This ease-of-use is not an option on Chromebooks. My last blog showed how, with L2TP, the VPN user needs to enter five different items of data to get connected.

So, for the benefit of my fellow Chromebook users who might be interested in using a VPN on their laptop, I did some research. The companies mentioned below were selected randomly, do not take their inclusion as any type of endorsement. Also, none of the links are affiliate links. 

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