Thursday , 22 March 2018
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VPNs on a Chromebook: a scorecard of VPN providers

My final blog discussed a use of VPNs on a Chromebook. As a Chromebook fan, we had to demeanour prolonged and tough to find a VPN provider that upheld Chromebooks. I’m not certain since this is. Chrome OS supports a dual many renouned VPN flavors: OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec (often referred to simply as L2TP).

One reason competence be simplicity. Some VPN providers try to make their use easy to use by providing their possess program that masks a complexity of a VPN connection. In a many impassioned cases, an finish user merely needs to click a symbol to connect.

This ease-of-use is not an choice on Chromebooks. My final blog showed how, with L2TP, a VPN user needs to enter 5 opposite equipment of information to get connected.

So, for a advantage of my associate Chromebook users who competence be meddlesome in regulating a VPN on their laptop, we did some research. The companies mentioned next were comparison randomly, do not take their inclusion as any form of endorsement. Also, nothing of a links are associate links. 

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