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Virgin Media’s Super Hub 3 allegedly has another smirch – and it’s a large one

If you’re a Virgin Media customer with a newest Super Hub 3, here’s some bad news – a router is allegedly open to being strike by a low-bandwidth denial-of-service (DoS) conflict that could totally burden adult your connection.

This is all given of Intel’s Puma 6 chipset that powers a Super Hub 3 – and other routers, that are also open to abuse, incidentally – that’s exposed to a elementary DoS attack, providing a antagonistic celebration rising pronounced conflict knows your IP address.

The kicker here is that even a tiny volume of trade will swamp down your internet connection, so any assailant – flattering most irrespective of how delayed their tie is – can pattern a bombardment of DoS glow with adequate bandwidth to take out your internet service.

According to ISPreview, reports claim that even a small 1Mbps DoS conflict will strike adult a latency on your tie by around 20ms, causing a series of peaks and parcel loss, too.

And if that’s doubled adult to 2Mbps, you’re looking during outrageous problems such as 200ms additional latency and a parcel detriment turn of around two-thirds. Jack that adult serve to 3Mbps, and parcel detriment of around 85% is generated, with things effectively apropos obsolete even for simple surfing (let alone online gaming or business videoconferencing, for example).

Downgrade is doubtful

Some influenced business have even contacted Virgin Media to ask if they can return to an older Super Hub to equivocate this emanate (and other flaws), though but any fun by all accounts.

Hopefully a firmware repair will be coming, nonetheless there’s positively some doubt on a village forums about how prolonged it competence take Intel to furnish a successful patch.

As we remarkable in a review of a Super Hub 3, given final year there have been reports of extreme loiter and parcel detriment due to an emanate with a Puma 6 chipset, and a patch for this is still a work in progress.

All in all, Intel’s chipset is causing all kinds of grief for some bad Virgin Media customers.

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