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Virgin Media is lifting prices for a second time in 9 months

TELEVISION, INTERNET AND TELEPHONE COMPANY Virgin Media needs to eat so it is lifting a cost of a undulating adult and down services.

As a Virgin Media patron told us this morning: “The bloody thing keeps going down and a usually times we routinely hear from it are those when it is apologising for use downtime. Oh and it costs adequate already. I’d rather compensate reduction to be honest, though we could not bear to give Rupert Murdoch’s Sky any money”.  

The INQUIRER has listened that Now TV is good though we can’t lay around all day examination telly anyway. says that a normal punter will be charged anywhere between £1.99 and £3.99 a month extra. That is roughly adequate to buy yourself a pint of lager in London, so a travel might be told to take a travel by punters.

Cable says that a arise is substantially related to outmost economies, adding that Virgin has to make adult waste somehow.

“With acceleration behind in a room and with Virgin Media carrying announced in Feb of 2015 it designed to deposit a serve £3bn in a broadband network a essay was on a wall – a income has to come from somewhere,” pronounced Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms researcher during, that is a broadband cost comparison site.

“Nevertheless, with dual cost rises in 9 months, we have to ask possibly this is it, or if this is it for now? How most some-more is it going to cost to stay with Virgin Media? Well, we can possibly hang on and wish prices turn out, or we can switch.”

Our patron pronounced that he was deliberation a switch, not a Nintendo one, and asked if we knew any comparison sites. We were stumped for a singular example. µ



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