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Virgin Media cuts 500 support jobs

Virgin Media is slicing as many as 500 jobs as it streamlines a UK staffing arrangements.

The association now employs 14,000 people opposite some-more than 100 locations in a UK, though a biggest impact of a cuts will be felt in patron service, where there are skeleton to revoke a series of sites from 8 to four.

Centres in Nottingham and Swansea, where 800 people are now employed, will be close down, with a series of other locations joined into new informal hubs.

Virgin Media jobs

“Last year Virgin Media began a three-year skill investment programme to emanate fewer, higher-quality work places to improved support a people, a business and flourishing patron base,” pronounced Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media CEO.

“As a result, we devise to deposit an additional £40m over a subsequent 3 years to remodel pivotal sites and acquire new choice sites. As partial of this we intend to emanate 4 informal patron operations hubs while augmenting a coherence of a patron services resources.

“We have also due a closure of a tiny series of a offices over a subsequent dual years including a call centre in Swansea and a stream site in Nottingham.  We will be augmenting a participation in Wythenshawe, nearby Manchester, and refurbishing that site.  We also introduce appropriation a vital new building in a Reading/M4 mezzanine area for a people now formed in Hook, Langley, Slough and Winnersh. 

“We also devise to acquire smaller, improved sites in Bellshill and Nottingham. Together these changes will assistance broach a some-more agile, digitally-oriented knowledge that a business increasingly design as standard.

“We are now operative with and ancillary all employees who have been asked to relocate, who might be in a purpose during risk of excess or who might wish to take another purpose with Virgin Media or one of a partners.”

Virgin Media is now in a center of a £3bn ‘Project Lightning’ network enlargement programme that should see a wire footprint enhance to 17 million premises by a finish of 2019. However swell slowed during a start of 2017, heading to government changes that brought a plan behind on track.

The association also operates a mobile practical network user (MVNO), delivering mobile services to business on EE’s network.

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