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Urban-X’s investors showcase facilities high-tech face masks, navigation for a blind and more

The Urban-X investors showcase is a closed-door eventuality that shows off 8 opposite incubated startups to intensity investors and press. we stopped by progressing this week to see what a bitch was about.

Of a 8 companies in Urban-X’s 02 cohort, we picked 4 that tackled problems relating to pollution, a visually impaired, civic deliveries and progressing open cleanliness: O2O2 Facewear, WearWorks, Upcycles and Sencity, respectively.

Haptic navigation for a blind

Perhaps a potentially life-changing of a products and services demoed during a Urban-X showcase is by WearWorks. Their antecedent wristband is a due resolution to GPS-based navigation for a blind and visually impaired.

Using haptic feedback, a WayBand uses a absolute engine to give we pleasing sensations about where we are and what instruction to travel in.

WearWorks has been operative with a series of visually marred people to exam a Wayband, including an ultra marathon curtain who will be competing in this year’s NYC marathon.

If a marathon test proves successful, WearWorks will start seeding some-more inclination to early adopters before relocating brazen with a open launch.

Modernizing a face mask

Modern facewear association O2O2 is capitalizing on what they’re job a “multi-billion dollar industry”. They’re focusing initial on cities like Beijing, where wickedness and atmosphere peculiarity is among a misfortune of a world’s vital cities.

Oddly, O2O2 didn’t concede attendees to try on a facade (claiming that it was usually formulated for a creators’ facial structures for now). However, O2O2 is earnest 4 opposite facial molds during launch with customizeable modules (the section we see above is an engineering prototype) that embody a sensors, filters and batteries.

The coolest underline about a facade is that it’s probable to guard your vitals (I’m presumption this is your VO2 respirating stats), as good as monitoring a atmosphere peculiarity information with a messenger smartphone app.

The ensuing information collected by O2O2 facade wearers can afterwards be used to tackle a wickedness problem in a given area, including determining which tools of city have a many wickedness from day to day.

Simplifying civic smoothness vehicles

The initial thing Upcycles pronounced on-stage is that they’re tellurian centric and anti-robot. This irritated a seductiveness of a crowd, though what indeed done people extraordinary was the Yax, a new form of civic smoothness vehicle.

Designed to lift adult to 500 pounds of apparatus adult and down parsimonious city streets, a Yax is a uncanny looking tricycle with a flatbed. A delivery chairman roving a Yax has full prominence above and around their seating position, with a ability to secure a Yax like we would any other bike.

The age of trashcan?

Perhaps a many niche of presentations came from Sencity, with a TetraBIN. Some of Sencity’s pattern work has been used during embassies and malls in Australia – during heart, they are a pattern firm. Now they’re looking to tackle cleanliness in city streets by creation rabble cans interactive and visually appealing.

The TetraBIN does this with sensors, a speaker, microphone and a full LED shade wraparound, so it’s maybe a many high-tech trashcan you’ll ever see. A passerby can not usually chuck rabble and get a fun visible to demeanour at, though ask for directions to get a crater of coffee, or be visually guided on that of a bins to chuck in recyclables and unchanging trash.

How useful this will be in a city like NYC, time will tell.  My categorical regard with such a product is that it could get…trashed.

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