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University of a West England deploys Microsoft Lync to boost productivity

The University of a West England (UWE) has deployed Microsoft Lync to boost staff and tyro capability as partial of a £10m skeleton to renovate a IT infrastructure.

The Bristol university has partnered with a consortium of partners that includes HP, Microsoft, videoconferencing provider Polycom and electrical systems provider Schneider, for a IT mutation project.

Steve Grive, IT executive during UWE, told Computing that one of a pivotal elements of a mutation plan was a introduction of one communications.

“One of a pivotal things we wanted to deliver was one communication and partnership collection since we found that we indispensable a infrastructure to be means to combine in meetings and in other situations.

“From a perspective, a Microsoft suite, that enclosed SharePoint 2010 and a Lync Server 2010, seemed to offer us a functionality that we wanted and also built on a Microsoft products that a university already had,” he said.

Grive pronounced that UWE finished a beta hearing of Microsoft Lync during a finish of 2010 and afterwards started doing of Lync final summer.

“We wanted to use a table videoconferencing and a voice telephony side of things since like many other vast organisations we have a reduction of telephony platforms.

“We still have a Siemens PBX, that is entrance to a finish of a life in 2016, so we knew we had to do something with a analogue technology. We already started to reinstate it with voice over internet custom (VoIP) from Alcatel Lucent, though since UWE uses a lot of Microsoft software, Lync done a many sense,” he said.

Grive pronounced that a university has now implemented several hundred Lync handsets and staff can now select to use Polycom CX600 IP desktop phones, Polycom CX300 handsets or HP notebooks, that are all optimised to work with a Lync Server.

He pronounced that removing Lync live took 3 months though that a university hasn’t totally altered a telephony systems since it would be too dear and so there is still a faith on aged technology.

“The long-term resolution is to quit over time to Lync, and there is some intensity to facilitate telephony infrastructure. This will assistance us revoke costs by expelling a use of other products over time,” he said.

According to Grive, Lync will boost a capability of staff and of students in a university.

“The rollout of these technologies means that staff can entrance table video conferencing and online meetings that can boost a staff productivity. In further it can concede students to have meetings with their mentor online instead of walking between one of a 4 campuses,” he said.

He pronounced that a biggest plea for a university was for staff to change from an analogue phone to some form of one communications.

“It’s a really informative change, it is really candid though it is different,” he said.

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