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Uber hacker is a 20-year aged male from Florida (allegedly)

Reuters claims that a chairman obliged for a penetrate on Uber, in that more than 57 million customer and motorist annals were stolen, is a 20-year aged male from Florida “living with his mom [sic] in a tiny home perplexing to assistance compensate a bills”, according to sources.

‘People informed with a matter’ told Reuters that that Uber paid a hacker a $100,000 cheat to destroy a information by a bug annuity programme.

Uber announced that it paid to have a information broken when it certified to a penetrate final month, though did not exhibit how it sent a money.

Sources pronounced that a remuneration was done by Uber’s bug annuity service, that is hosted (but not managed) by a association called HackerOne. A former executive during a firm, Katie Moussouris, pronounced that such a high remuneration would have been an “all-time record”. Rewards for identifying bugs in formula are some-more routinely in a operation of $5,000 – $10,000.

Moussouris combined that a disaster to news a crack was a disgusting error: “The origination of a bug annuity module doesn’t concede Uber, their annuity use provider or any other association a ability to endorse that crack presentation laws don’t request to them.”

CEO Marten Mickos pronounced that he could not criticism on particular customers’ programmes.

Two of a sources pronounced that Uber done a remuneration to both endorse a attacker’s temperament and have him pointer an NDA. They also analysed his appurtenance to endorse that a information had been purged.

Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s new CEO, dismissed dual of of a company’s confidence leaders when he found out about a breach, and concurred that it should have been reported when it was discovered.

Reuters’ sources pronounced that ex-CEO Travis Kalanick was wakeful of both a crack and remuneration when he led a company.



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