Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Twitter to pierce cold storage, Hadoop clusters to Google Cloud Platform

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Twitter pronounced it skeleton to pierce a cold storage and Hadoop clusters to Google Cloud Platform and out of a information centers.

For Google Cloud Platform, a Twitter comment is another pivotal win beyond Spotify, Etsy, and other enterprises.

Twitter is already an Amazon Web Services customer. The Google Cloud Platform understanding doesn’t reinstate AWS, though diversifies Twitter’s cloud footprint. The workloads changed to Google were formerly hosted by Twitter.

In a blog post, Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal pronounced a pierce to Google Cloud will capacitate it to spend a engineering group to urge capability and concentration on aloft turn tasks.

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While Twitter is best famous for a live events and promotion model, a association has a clever craving information business that diversifies income well. That business, along with Twitter’s promotion unit, is expected to advantage from a cloud coherence of Google as good as any synthetic comprehension and appurtenance training enhancements in a future.

Twitter has mixed Hadoop clusters and horde some-more than 300PB of information opposite tens of thousands of servers. Agrawal remarkable that Twitter has been evaluating a investigate needs for a final year.

According to Twitter, a emigration to Google Cloud will concede it to sustenance faster, be some-more flexible, urge confidence and apart discriminate and storage for Hadoop workloads.






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