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Twitter promises to stamp on and kick out abuse, again

IN THESE RUDE TIMES, social bagpipe Twitter is trying to stop hate speech and threats to people on its network, so much so that barely a day goes past where we do not hear of a fresh attempt.

We have two this week already, the first of which promised to be tougher and harder. The latest one comes from the company’s head of safety in an email that he sent to staffers and some of them sent to Wired, which is a magazine.

Twitter reacted with a statement in which it suggested that the leak was fine and that it hoped that people liked what they saw.

“Although we planned on sharing these updates later this week, we hope our approach and upcoming changes, as well as our collaboration with the Trust and Safety Council, show how seriously we are rethinking our rules and how quickly we’re moving to update our policies and how we enforce them,” it said.

Wired has the email in full. We should warn you that it is all about bad people doing bad things, like sharing images of non-consensual nudity. 

“We will immediately and permanently suspend any account we identify as the original poster/source of non-consensual nudity and/or if a user makes it clear they are intentionally posting said content to harass their target consensual nudity. If the account appears to be dedicated to posting non-consensual nudity then we will suspend the entire account immediately. We will do a full account review whenever we receive a Tweet-level report about non-consensual nudity,” it explains.

“Our definition of ‘non-consensual nudity’ is expanding to more broadly include content like upskirt imagery, ‘creep shots,’ and hidden camera content. Given that people appearing in this content often do not know the material exists, we will not require a report from a target in order to remove it”.

The email is an acknowledged in-house follow-on to CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent tweetstorm following a mass walkout from lady tweeters. It is aimed at the Twitter Trust Safety Council. If these people weren’t aware of all the issues that are due for a tackling they may not be in the right position. µ



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