Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Twitter also sole information entrance to Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher

Since it was suggested that Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed a personal information of millions of Facebook users, one doubt has lingered in a minds of a public: What other information did Dr. Aleksandr Kogan benefit entrance to?

Twitter reliable to The Telegraph on Saturday that GSR, Kogan’s possess blurb enterprise, had purchased one-time API entrance to a pointless representation of open tweets from a five-month duration between Dec 2014 and Apr 2015. Twitter told Bloomberg that, following an inner review, a association did not find any entrance to private information about people who use Twitter.

Twitter sells API entrance to vast organizations or enterprises for a functions of contemplating view or opinion during several events, or around certain topics or ideas.

Here’s what a Twitter orator pronounced to The Telegraph:

Twitter has also finished a process preference to off-board promotion from all accounts owned and operated by Cambridge Analytica. This preference is formed on a integrity that Cambridge Analytica operates regulating a business indication that inherently conflicts with excusable Twitter Ads business practices. Cambridge Analytica might sojourn an organic user on a platform, in suitability with a Twitter Rules.

Obviously, this doesn’t have a same range as a information harvested about users on Facebook. Twitter’s information on users is distant reduction personal. Location on a height is opt-in and general during that, and users are not forced to use their genuine name on a platform.

Cambridge Analytica tweeted out this morning that a information performed by Kogan/GSR from Twitter was never purchased or used by Cambridge Analytica.

We reached out to Twitter and will refurbish when we hear back.

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