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Toshiba TR200 (480GB)

Introduction, Design Features

With an ongoing accounting scandal, reports of multi-billion-dollar losses from a Westinghouse chief energy arm, and a scattered new sale of a flash-memory chip business to Bain Capital (involving investors including Apple and Dell), Toshiba is a association vital in…shall, we say, engaging times.

But, as with any association whose handling income is estimable adequate to be compared to a bill of a tiny republic (or two), business contingency continue during Toshiba, and new products launched. And given a new sale of a chip arm, it’s transparent that this multiplication will be pumping out peep memory and compared inclination for a prolonged time to come.

The latest expostulate to land on a exam dais from Toshiba is a TR200, that is initial important for a downplaying of a OCZ branding. (OCZ Technology was an SSD builder that Toshiba acquired some years back, and that was co-branded on many of a progressing SSDs.) Toshiba keeps a OCZ styling on a drive’s steel tip yet nixes that code from a product name, yet we will find “OCZ” printed in a integrate spots on a box.

At first, we suspicion that a minimizing of a OCZ code (one traditionally compared with performance-minded SSDs) competence have been compared to a aim assembly for this drive. In fact, though, Toshiba says rather vaguely, “retail SSDs will boat underneath the Toshiba code name, while OCZ will be a sub-series” going forward. Nomenclature aside, a TR200 is directed during bill complement builders and users upgrading from a tough expostulate for a initial time. As such, a expostulate sticks to a normal Serial ATA (SATA) interface, and it’s accessible usually in a normal 2.5-inch format initial popularized by tough drives meant for laptops. (Like roughly all 2.5-inch SSDs these days, it’s 7mm thick.)

Toshiba TR200 (Box)

The ability options are also limited. In line with a budget-buyer aims, a Toshiba TR200 will be offering in 240GB, 480GB (the one we tested), and 960GB models. While those increments will make clarity for many intensity buyers in this category, those on a really parsimonious bill will find no lower-capacity option, as opposite to a new Crucial BX300Crucial MX300 drive is accessible in somewhat aloft capacities (275GB, 525GB, and 1TB) for a same cost or a small less.

So, either a Toshiba TR200 creates clarity in a always-crowded budget-SSD marketplace might come down to opening and where pricing eventually settles for Toshiba’s drive. Ultimate pricing is always tough to sign before a product launches, yet we can see clearly how a expostulate shakes out opposite a competition, including likewise labelled offerings from Western Digital, HP, and others, in a benchmark contrast below.

First, though, let’s take a closer demeanour during a TR200’s underline set.

Design Features

The Toshiba TR200 is a company’s initial sell expostulate to underline Toshiba’s BiCS flash, that is a company’s name for a 3D-stacked triple-level-cell (TLC) storage technology. In this iteration, it’s 64-layer flash, rather than a newer 96-layer flash. But given some-more layers essentially means larger capacity, and Toshiba is commanding out during 960GB with this drive, there’s no genuine downside with adhering to 64-layer flash. Here’s how Toshiba describes a season of BiCS used in a TR200, directly from a press materials…

Toshiba TR200 (Drive Description)

As for a drive’s rated specs, here they are, approach from Toshiba as well…

Toshiba TR200 (Specs)

The 3D TLC NAND that Toshiba uses here gives a expostulate a slight corner in terms of endurance, during slightest opposite some budget-priced alternatives. The association says we should get between 60 and 240 sum terabytes created (TBW) with this drive. The MLC-based Crucial BX300, meanwhile, is rated to a small reduction (55 to 160 TBW), yet it should be remarkable that those numbers embody a lower-capacity 120GB indication (which Toshiba doesn’t offer in a TR200 line), and tops out during 480GB, as a BX300 isn’t offering in a aloft capacity.

However, other drives that use identical 3D TLC peep memory, such as a recently updated WD Blue 3D SSDSamsung’s SSD 850 EVO drive, that costs about $20 some-more than a TR200 yet ships with a five-year warranty, and also includes some additional serviceable capacity. (The similar-capacity Samsung expostulate is listed during 500GB, while a TR200 is 480GB in a tested capacity.)

A Look during a Software

Toshiba doesn’t boat any drive-migration software with a TR200. (Often speckled with SATA SSDs is Acronis’ solution; with some of a company’s older, higher-end OCZ-branded drives, we get an activation pivotal for it.) All that Toshiba granted here during launch ancillary a TR200 is an OCZ-branded SSD Utility

OCZ SSD Utility is a slickly designed square of program that lets we guard a expostulate and, should we need to, refurbish a firmware.

Toshiba TR200 (SSD Utility Main)

The application can also be used to guard a expostulate in a credentials and send we alerts about expostulate health and accessible updates, among other parameters.

Toshiba TR200 (SSD Utility Settings)

Given that this expostulate is directed during bill buyers and upgraders, a OCZ SSD Utility isn’t accurately a necessity. And we wouldn’t advise attempting a firmware ascent unless there’s a critical emanate with your drive. But it’s good that Toshiba provides a program all a same, and budget-strapped enthusiasts who like gripping tighten tabs on their components will conclude it. 

With a pricing, specs, and program out of a way, there’s not most left to plead about a TR200 aside from performance. So let’s get to that to see where Toshiba’s TR200 lands compared to a many competing bill SSDs now on a market.

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