Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Top 5 wackiest features we’d like to see on smartphone

THE SMARTPHONE has everything we’d ever want and need, right? Wrong. The likes of Apple and Samsung have managed to pull out most of the stops in making a phone pretty much the only thing we need to carry, but there are a few (perhaps far-fetched) ideas that the INQUIRER has to add.

5. Tactile touch


It’s all well and good having virtual reality capabilities built into phones, but what’s the point in looking to see what a sofa looks like in your room, or what an outfit would look like on you, if you don’t know how it’s going to feel?

Tactile gloves are apparently getting nearer to becoming the real deal for consumers to use at home when browsing for clothes to see whether the fabric feels smooth like velvet or as awful as polyester.

But we yearn for the day when this type of technology can be embedded into a smartphone. Perhaps the tactile technology could be placed where the ‘home’ button is on an iPhone, or a piece of the tactile glove could be embedded into the back of the smartphone, or in the future some sort of tactile screen could become available.

Who knows? All we know is that we want to know what that jumper on ASOS feels like before we go to the trouble of returning it.



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