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TiVo leaps into a voice authority frenzy with a new Bolt Vox

Image credit: TiVo

TiVo doesn’t authority headlines utterly like it used to, yet now it showed us that it still has a few tricks left adult a sleeves with a announcement of a new TiVo Bolt Vox and Mini Vox. They’re fundamentally a same DVRs as a TiVo Bolt and TiVo Mini we’ve famous for a integrate of years now, yet they come with spiffy new voice controls built into a remotes.

The Vox has adequate of a possess celebrity to heed it from a likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri as a concentration here, understandably, is on assisting we find a kind of calm we wish to watch, and a Vox is surprisingly specific. Even better, it’s arguably smarter than a competitors as it lets we labour some requests.

Let’s contend we wanted to watch a integrate of Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks. You could simply usually ask a Vox to, “Show me cinema with Arnold Schwarzenegger,” yet we could also follow adult with some-more specific queries such as, “Only a comedies.” 

I haven’t attempted it myself, yet apparently it’s so specific that we can even contend something like, “Show me a cinema where he says ‘I’ll be back,'” and you’ll see Arnie’s Terminator films cocktail adult on a screen. (Hopefully, we won’t have to contend it in an Austrian accent.)

The locate is that usually around 100 quotes are now supported, yet as Mashable reports, TiVo competence enroll crowdsourcers to supplement more.

Voice your preferences

Beyond that, we can ask a Vox to do elementary tasks like “Open HBO Now” or “Open Netflix.” The remote has been been redesigned to accommodate a big, blue voice symbol for accessing these features, and you’ll also find a dedicated “Netflix” symbol toward a bottom.

Along with a voice authority support, TiVo now sports a redesigned user interface featuring a “smart carousel” that studies your observation story and creates recommendations formed on that time of day you’re watching. This means we competence find news programs listed on a carousel in a morning and Netflix stand-up comedy specials during night.

Aside from a apparent advantages for personalized viewing, this use could make a TiVo some-more user-friendly when it’s common by mixed users. In a family household, for instance, a things a kids like to watch competence cocktail adult in a after afternoon, while a programs a relatives like to watch competence cocktail adult after in a evening.

If you’re happy with your stream TiVo Bolt – and again, a Vox isn’t unequivocally that most opposite internally – you’ll be happy to learn that we can simply buy a $40 remote that creates a comparison device duty like a Vox. It comes in both black and white, a improved to compare your comparison system.

When a TiVo Bolt Vox correct launches on Oct 29 during BestBuy, on Amazon and on TiVo’s website, you’ll be means to collect it adult in possibly a 500GB ($200), 1TB ($300) or 3TB ($500) model. The TiVo Bolt Mini will sell for $180, and is now listed on Best Buy

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll also need to compensate for a one-year agreement labelled during $15 a month to even use a thing.

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