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Three network borkage saw texts sent to a wrong people

UK MOBILE OPERATOR Three suffered a network glitch over a weekend that saw some texts delivered to a wrong people.

The issue, that has given been fixed, potentially left some Three business red-faced after a network reliable in a statement that “some business and non-customers might have perceived a summary from an different sender.”

Over on Down Detector, that perceived over 10,000 complaints about Three’s network borkage over a weekend, one patron wrote: “Can’t make or accept calls or texts in Liverpool for over 3 hours now. It’s costing me money/work and to make it worse, I’m removing texts meant for other people, from numbers we don’t know! Tried contacting Three though being told (when we eventually got through) that a network in my area is OK.”

Some users also reported recieving text messages about bank accounts that they don’t own. 

“Got a content about a Barclays Bank account, we don’t even have one!”, another added. 

While some recieved content messages they shouldn’t have, others – including us here during INQ – were left incompetent to use a network whatsoever.

“We have been operative by a night to repair a network emanate that was inspiring business promulgation and receiving content and creation calls,” Three said.

“All services are now easy though some business might need to restart their phones if they are still experiencing any issues.”

This downtime comes only a month after Three certified that more than 210,000 business were influenced by a penetrate on a systems final November, roughly 80,000 some-more than primarily thought.

The penetrate saw attackers used an worker login to benefit entrance into a network’s database of customers eligible for a phone upgrade. µ 



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